Can't see PS Audio Bridge II / PW DAC II in Roon's audio settings


PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II firmware - 3.03
PS Audio PerfectWave Bridge II firmware - 2.15

Roon version 1.3
MacOS Sierra 10.12.5

Music files on NAS

Not able to see the bridge within Roon Settings/Audio

I can see 2 Airplay devices
I can ping the bridge via IP address
I can access the bridge configuration/info via the web browser


I not over familiar with that device, but looking at this help page [Roon Ready PS Audio – I’m having a problem!]
(Roon Ready PS Audio -- I’m having a problem!) It may be that PS Audio firmware needs updating.

Could you double check the latest firmware is loaded.

Yes, firmware are up today both DAC and Bridge. In fact, it’s required for Roon support. PS Audio just released new update about a week or two. I’ve already look at what’s been posted on this forum as it related to PS Audio PWD DAC II to no avail.

Hey @Quoc_Nguyen – can you confirm that you’ve tried disabling the firewall on the Mac Mini?

@dennis – do you have any ideas on this one? The firmware versions look right to me.

That is a bridge I, which does not support Roon.