Can't see some Tidal music in Roon

I can see and play some music in Tidal that does not appear in Roon—specifically, the album “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. Why is this?

I can see and play that album. Maybe it has to do with your location?
is it favorited in Tidal?
Can you search and even find the album in Roon?
Is Pink Floyd favorited in Roon?
May need to add the album to your library?

I haven’t “favorited” any music in either program; I didn’t think I needed to. A search in Roon for “Wish You Were Here” does not return the Pink Floyd album, but some other, similar titles.

Just favorited WYWH in Tidal and it still doesn’t show up in Roon.

have you tried searching for Pink Floyd in Roon and looking at all main albums? either under performer or composer. I get a total of 23 albums. its actually 21 in tidal and 2 in my local library from the wall (experience edition) box set.

Here’re the PF albums Tidal shows:

And here’s what Roon shows:

If I do a search for pink Floyd and look at “tidal albums” for the results.
from this window:

I get what you show above. 15 albums
However if I click on "pink Floyd under “top results”

Then scroll down to “View all main albums” like this:

I get 23 main albums. you should see WYWH in there.

Q.E.D. Thank you!

I’ve found other search anomalies in Roon, but couldn’t crack this one.

Yep, It can be frustrating sometimes, you would think that if you search for an artist all their stuff would show up on the “all albums” page.

Were you able to find it now?

Yes indeed. Thanks again.

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