Can't see the VERSIONS tab in Album View on Kindle Fire 10" (app build 816)

I’ve noticed that very recently the VERSIONS tab in Album View is now missing on the Kindle. My Samsung phone is running the latest Roon remote version, “build 831”, but my Kindle Fire table is on build 816. I just deleted the Roon app from the Kindle and re-loaded it, and it’s still build 816. The VERSIONS tab appears on the phone. My Roon Core (SGC Sonictransporter) is on build 831 too.

I hope the VERSION tab comes back soon—I use it a lot. Maybe there is a slow rollout of Build 831 to the Amazon app store?

The amazon version seems to be stuck in approvals in the store. Patience.

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Thanks for the reply!

Roon submit them to all the various stores around the world and then its in the lap of the gods as to when they get released to Joe public.

Until the Fire is on build 831 to match the core you will not see the version tab on it.
It will happen, that’s out of Roon control unfortunately though.