Can't see track progress bar in Roon on Windows 10

See it fine on an Android phone. Used to see it on the Windows computer, can’t figure out what I did to make it go away, or how to get it back.


Can you not see it at all or is it just a flat line!

If it’s the later, that’s because either it’s a streamed track or audio analysis has not yet been performed on it.

If it’s the former, first reboot the PC but if that does not fix it … go to the GPU manufacturer’s site and download / install the latest graphics driver.


Here’s what I see on the screen; not sure if it’s what you mean by “just a flat line.”

Screenshot 2021-01-03 152236

Windows says I have the latest and greatest graphics driver installed. Rebooted the computer to no avail.


Well it’s back now. Not sure what did it. Thanks for the support.

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