Can't sign into Qobuz when in Roon

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Unable to log into Qobuz when in Roon - keep getting “Unexpected Error”

Can log into Qobuz OUTSIDE Roon

Thanks for your help

I have given this advice many times in the last few weeks. Power down your Core machine and then restart it. The power down reboot seems to help everyone that has had this same issue.

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Yeah, this always works for me… and in fact it just did! This qobuz issue seems to happen a couple of times a year for some reason

I had issues with Qobuz login yesterday. Cycling router, modem and NUC did not fix the issue.

Cleared the cache and then Roon was able to connect with Qobuz.

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I tried a router reboot which didn’t work but restarting the Nucleus seems to have fixed it but it took around 1hr to work properly and load Qobuz - thanks for the ideas. M

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