Can't Start New Folder In Desktop App

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Nucleus/Roon running on Windows/10/Roon 1.8/790

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USB to Anthem Integrated amp

Description Of Issue

I don’t think this is hardware related. And I’m a bit rusty at setup - it’s been a while, but I had previously set up one of the folders on my NAS to watch for music. I’m trying to add the music folder on my PC also, but when I go to add folder the NAS is pre-selected, and when I click on “new folder” in the lower left, it won’t let me select anything but the folder on the NAS. It won’t let me browse to my PC’s folders. I’m sure I’m missing something simple.

Thanks in advance.

You have to use the “+network share” option, which is directly above the “New Folder” button. Then you connect to that folder using the smb:// address. This article shows you how . You have to make sure the folder on your windows PC is shareable as well. This article helps with that

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Thank you @AnimalOnDrums. We’re grateful for your timely help :pray:.

@RobS, thanks for bringing this up. Did @AnimalOnDrums’s suggestion help you? Can we help, even if it is 8 days late? (I am very very sorry about the delay :pleading_face:)