Can't start Roon display

RoonCore: dedicated iMac, quad core i5, 8 gb, OS 11.2.3
Browsers: safari & chrome

Never been able to view ‘display’. Pasting the url link into the cores browser just displays a roon logo page, and doesn’t show any track info. Chrome and Safari same results.

Any advice appreciated?

Once you’ve set up the Web Display using the link in Settings > Displays, have you connected the display to a Zone? That’s the second step.

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In a word ‘no’. I didn’t realise I needed to select an endpoint to display even on the source ‘core’ machine.

I’ll invest in a chrome cast to share to another screen. Thanks

Hi @Simon_Williams ,

Have you made sure to start the display in the Roon app itself after navigating to this link?


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