Can't stop the shuffle!

No matter what I do, on either the desktop interface or my iOS, my songs all shuffle randomly. I have shuffle off (I think). What am I doing wrong? I checked the queue, and the shuffle icon is not blue…


Hi Peter,

With an album in the queue, tap the shuffle icon on and off. What does that show you?

Can you give us a screenshot?

Cheers, Greg

So: I play Dreadlock Holiday. Queue is empty. There are the other songs on the album. If I hit the next song arrow, I don’t get the next song (For You and I), but, rather, a Bowie song out of nowhere. I. don’t get it…What am I doing wrong??

You need to add all the tracks of the album to the queue for that to work. If you’re just adding Bloody Tourists and click next, it will start Roon Radio.

How are you trying to play the album. There should be a Play Now button near the top, below the album cover. That will add all the tracks to the queue.

If you tap the Arrow to the left of the track, it will only play (add to queue) that track.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks!!! That did it.
This isn’t the most intuitive thing but I’m getting the idea

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