Can't stream to DLNA

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

DLNA is enable and selected (USB devices or HAT devices in RopieeXL page).

But i’v got a error 500 on my android app :wink:

This is the feedback ID : d508b6f23d701297

There is a way to see logs with SSH ? I’m a developer so i can try to find the problems by myself :wink:

The DLNA software spits out an error…

So here’s the thing: you’re missing a software package. I’m not sure why yet, so that I need to figure out.

Is this a fresh re-install or a longer running unit?

Fresh install :wink:

Ok thanks. That was what I was afraid of :wink:

You find a bug. As you’re familair with SSH you can fix this rather easy:

login with username root and password root

run the following command:

pacman -Syu gst-plugins-good

Or just wait for me to fix it :wink:

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