Can't stream to Meridian 218

Newbie re roon and digital in general, ( i can hear the groans)
Using meridian 218 as endpoint for sooloos . The core is my windows PC. I believe the 218 can be configured as the core, no?
I’ve followed the instructions on your site to setup 218 as the core, to no avail.
I would like to not have to use the PC at all. I would also like to use my usb drives as library,
Thanks for help… clueless.

It’s just an end point “zone controller” can’t be a server.


The 218 makes a great Roon endpoint, however, it is not and can never be a Roon core. For that you need PC / Mac / NUC / Nucleus etc.


You need to study the knowledge base. Take some time here.

Ok good to know, thx for all the replies.
I will study up.

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