Cant switch from Beta to Stable

Hi Harry got another issue. I thought I had switched both my units to stable by changing the webui but it looks like one is stuck on Beta and refuses to change the update channel. I also cant change the auto update to off is this feature not available yet?

I’ ve sent feedback dd0ac3d2865b735a

The option to switch auto update off is not available yet.

I’ll look at your feedback.

He @Simon_Arnold3,

I did not receive your feedback. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with your filesystem…

No idea it seems to work as normal. I only rebuilt it the other week to. I was going to change the sd cards as I kept getting boot loop issues on both my systems but not got to that yet. Lifes getting in the way. I guess i’ll have to reformat again to solve this.

Ordered to new Samsung Evo + 32gb cards, hopefully these solve all my problems. Lets hope Ropieee can write to them being large cards.