Cant sync Roon/Tidal with Tidal

I have a big problem for the last 2 years snd cant solve it. i have two systems - home one where Lampizator supercomputer is a Roon server with Tidal and portative one, where AK sp2000 has Tidal app.

so when I like track at home i mark it as a favorite and it is a favorite track in my Roon, i have around 2000 such tracks snd most of them are Tidal tracks. when i like a track somewhere else i mark it as a favorite in my tidal app in a player. I have maybe 500-1000 such tracks.

so i have two tidal favorite lists and I cant sync them together. it is very very strange. so at home I listen one set of music and outsize other set of music and cant add tracks from favorite in Tidal to favorite in Roon/Tidal and from Roon/Tidal to Tidal. cant find any solutions. maybe I just very stupod and cant understand how to do it? is someone synced roon and tidal favorites list?

Thank you!