Can't update ROCK

I put Roon 2.0 Remote on my iPad. Trying to update ROCK from the Settings==>About results in a spinning clock, for the last 2 hours.

On my 2nd iPad and my desktop machine, both having Roon 1.8 Remote, Settings==>About for ROCK is stuck in ‘Checking for an update’.

Thankfully, both my 1.8 Remotes and ROCK itself still operate. However, I’m afraid to go to the ROCK GUI and try an update from there.

Clicking on the ROCK portion of the download page on Roon Labs web site takes me to a KB article, rather than downloading a ROCK image.

OK, should have known better. I rebooted ROCK and when it came back up it was on V2.0.

Still don’t know what’s going on with Web site download page, tho.

I’m marking this solved. Do I get credit for solving my own problem? :grin:

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You do! Way to go! :vulcan_salute:

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