Can't use Exclusive Mode after I used remote tablet to listen to Tuned In radio

I have been using Roon without any problems for a couple of weeks on a Surface Pro 3 as remote playing into an Emotiva DAC. I have had Exclusive Mode and (I think) Event Driven boxes checked and I have had the purple lossless light on during playback. But yesterday I loaded up Tuned In on the Chrome browser in order to listen to Sing For Joy and Great Sacred Music on a local station. I wish Roon would implement Tuned In!

When I went back to Roon I had to go through the audio setup procedure to set up the DAC again, and Exclusive Mode won’t work. Roon cycles through the titles quickly with no playback. I can get playback with Exclusive and Event boxes unchecked, but I get the green light instead of the purple light during playback.

I’d like to get things back to how they were and understand what I need to do if I want to listen to Tuned In or something other than Roon using my remote.


Does you Emotiva have an ASIO driver? If so give it a try instead it might behave better with other software sharing your DAC.

Call off the dogs! False alarm, I think. I turned everything off, turned it all back on, and everything is as it was. Exclusive mode and Event driven boxes are checked again. I just won’t play Tuned In, I guess. I did try the ASIO route but got no sound.