Cant use roon. dl the app on my new Nas drive & well, i simply cant use it

Before i start i have absolutely no computer knowledge whatsoever. I really don’t know how to do anything computer related so any reply should be like addressing a very young child or i simply will not understand.
I downloaded the Roon app on my Qnap TS-x53D today to start a free 14 day trial. I have iTunes on my connected iMac and also Tidal and wanted to get all of my music shared over to the NAS drive all controlled by Roon.
It told me to make a RoonServer file before opening it which i managed to do.
However that is as far as i can go. When i open Roon i get a simple screen that i cannot do anything with and I’m totally stuck.

I’m on sky broadband and connected my Nas drive with its 2 ethernet cabers to my router and my iMac.

I want to play via my WIFI to my 2 connected Devialet gold phantom speakers.

I seem to have imported some of my iTunes library(it was taking hours) to the Roon Server under a file named music…althoughb I’m not really sure how i did this…something to do with enabling file sharing on my iMac and then …hmmmm…really not sure what i did…but anyway…its totally rubbish. Its all very ‘DOS’ like and i completely hate it and nothing like i expect it should be. I have seen some pictures of a Roon system thingy and its not the same.
I’m now extremely frustrated and have given up for the day after 8 hours of struggling.
I fear the free trail period will just go to waste and i will end up having no experience of Roon to see if it would be great to have for my music.
Hopefully i can get this sorted.
Thank you.

You are certainly hampered by the limited computer knowledge. Do you have a friend or teenager nearby that can help? When you say you downloaded the Roon app to install on your QNAP, where did you get that? In order to run Roon Core on the QNAP you need a Roon specific program to run on your NAS. You should be able to get it from the QNAP App Store. This all works and it works well when you get it sorted out. Mine has been running on a QNAP 24/7/365 for four and a half years without issue. Stick with it. You will get it sorted out.

As far as I know you don’t control Roon on the Nas itself it just runs the server software it doesn’t come with a UI. You use one of the remote apps available for phones/tablets Mac or Windows. You then connect this as the first step after installing it to Roon core (the server running on the Nas). The remote apps do the the rest and use these to set it up and control music playback.

RoonOnNAS – User your NAS as a Roon Core.

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As long as this remains true, I don’t think Roon is your product.

Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. I managed it in the end…all i had to do was install the Roon app on my iMac and it did it all by itself…now i have new issues trying to get it to find my iTunes music!

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Thanks for the info. I got it… :slight_smile:

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