Can't write on external USB HD attached to Sonic transporter i5

Seems to me a bit odd this issue, which was never resolved here: Can't write to sonicT i5's mounted USB [resolved]
I’ve recently reactivated the old v. of SonicTransporter i5 after a long Roon Core eqiupped Mac Mini-running period because as far as I recall STi5 used to have a slightly better sound.
Bamm! I’ve just remembered why did I end up switching to Mac at 1st place: I wasn’t able to write (but only read, instead) to my 2TB USB drive, attached to sti5 through the network at all! And there’s nothing in the manual/leaflet about it neither there is in Help files ( Just to add that drive should be accessed from any Linux-based OS, in order to write/read. And nothing is wrong with my HD as previously suggested as a possibility by SGC.
Is that a flaw in Sonic orbiter (mine is 2.7) or I’m not getting right something?

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What format are you using on your 2TB USB drive? IIRC, Linux will only read from Mac OS formatted drives, not write to.

Ouch Ouch OUCH!
MacOS Extended (jounaled)!
Totally forgot that!
Oh man, I can’t keep up with all these technicalities.
All right, do it again… :slight_smile: It seems to be resolved as it was said. I was wrong, sorry for the inconvenience.

I always recommend use exFAT format on external drives. It can be read and written to by both OSX and Windows and also most embeded devices like the Nucleus and sonicTransporter.

The sonicTransporer can reformat your drive to exFAT if you want.