CAPSv3 as Roon Bridge

I’m switching my CAPSV3 Zuma computer over to a RoonBridge for the time being. This computer has an Intel DH77EB Micro ATX Desktop Board.
Two questions:
Can a computer like this run DietPi as an OS for RoonBridge?
RoonBridge is working now with Debian 9. Are there any advantages to putting in a more compact OS for this purpose?

I know this is overkill for this device. It’s a temporary thing for about six weeks.

Thank you,


Hey Scott

I assume you’re running Debian Server (minimal headless config)?

From personal experience (not expertise) I noticed no difference between DietPi running on a NUC vs Debian minimal server version.

Other thing you could try is installing ROCK and using that to run as RoonBridge… Just don’t set it up as a Core and it should just automatically work as a RoonBridge.

While ROCK is only officially supported on certain NUCs, many have it working fine on ‘MOCK’ builds.

Especially if it’s a short term thing, that should be a pretty minimal headless RoonBridge, if it works.

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I may try the ROCK install as a RoonBridge.
But if the audio output from Debian vs DietPi is not discernable, this may just suffice. Linux is totally new to me, and I like the challenge. But I also know next to nothing on how to install this stuff, so the ROCK install is nice. Very simple

And no, I’m not running Debian Server. Its the whole desktop and it seems to have way too many bells and whistles for what it has to do.
I need something compact that something like a relative noob can get going in an hour without too much terminal time.

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All good. My experience was with Debian Server, minimal install.

ROCK sounds like it fits the bill, simple to get installed.

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Thanks Sean. I’ll give it a shot today.

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@dabassgoesboomboom, Roon Rock install didn’t work. Not exactly sure what the issue was, but I didn’t want to deal with it. I reinstalled Debian server and RoonBridge is working well on that now.

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But Debian Server is already so minimal, definitely more than good enough. That’s what I use even for my Core (because I run HQPlayer alongside on the same machine).

Good to hear you got a lightweight RoonBridge up and running.