Carmen Sings Monk - Roon is showing chaos

I imported this album and it shows up but an with incredible number of duplicate tracks that don’t exist on the cd.

When I choose to play a track that has multiple entries on the album page on Roon, all of the duplicates show as playing simultaneously. The track sounds ok it’s just that there are 6 of them and all identical and all linked to a single file on my NAS.

I have deleted the album from the NAS and deleted it from Roon and then added it back to the NAS and let Roon discover it and the problem remains.

I have re-identified it as a different occurrence in the Roon metadata library and no change.

An update: I was listening to a different album when all went quiet. I rebooted the music server (first time since 1.3 update) and when it came back up the Carmen McRae album in question was on the screen, and it was fixed.

So, rebooting after 1.3 might be a necessary event. Should be part of the instructions.