Caroline Polachek, Pang - Shows on Qobuz but can't listen

So, im on a Qobuz trial and really liking the sound quality. The thing is that there are some albums that appear on the search but when i try to listen or to add them to my favorites i get an error (404 on the webrowser). An example is Caroline Polachek album Pang. It shows on the app search but cant access the album. For some reason it does not appear on Roon search, only on Qobuz android app or web.

Maybe is because im in the trial period?
I’m in Portugal.

Thank you

Working fine in Germany, see

Probably best to reboot everything from router to endpoint, as an usual first aid…

2nd EDIT:
Shouldn’t have anything to do with being on trial, and if other content works not a Qobuz outage…

Plays fine here. What If you manually sync your Qobuz libary.

Thanks but is not working for me. Already rebooted everything.
In this screenshot you can see that the album appears on the search. But when i click it gives me an error.


So it is probaly a rights issue

Only this albums on my Qobuz

Working for me in the UK.

If you can’t get it to stream, post here and David, the Qobuz representative will reply as soon as possible.

It could be that it’s not available in Portugal.

A rights issue? So the album can be played in Germany but not in Portugal?

These issues can be encountered and are due to regional licensing restrictions.

It’s a rights issue. This Qobuz album is not available in Portugal (but is in other European countries and the United States).

Thank you.
That’s sad. I thought that at least i would get access to the same catalog as everybody. But i was wrong…
O have a month to try. I like the sound quality but if this happens again i think i will stick to Tidal. Lets see.

At least Qobuz should hide the albums that are not avaiable in my country. Is very frustrating to see the album press play and not be able to listen.

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They are probably available for purchase from Qobuz with 30 second track demos. The issue is that Qobuz doesn’t have the streaming rights.

You will come across this with other releases when trying different streaming services and it’s not just Qobuz.

Sometimes I find Tidal is missing a release but find it on Qobuz or vice versa.

Sometimes the label did not provide the release to the streaming service and not because of licensing. This could be for a reason as simple as not ticking the right checkbox when selecting the streaming services they want to make it available to.

Qobuz has a link you can use to request releases to be added to their catalogue.