Cary Audio AiOS Integrated Amplifier/DAC/Streamer

Anyone on this forum using this new Cary product? It’s the first offering in their Lifestyle series: an all-in-one that features a 75watt x 2 Class A/B amplifier, DAC, MQA certified, and is Roon Ready. It’s based on the DMS-500 yet less expensive. Here is a link to the product page and reviews. Thoughts?

I just start using AIOS. I have iMac as main Roon source. I love what it does. I use it with B&W 606, REL SUB, high speed 1 gig wifi, and highly upgraded cables. MY ISSUE is WHAT IT DOES NOT DO. It does not directly support QoBuz so when I add MQA it has to down sample to transmit to Airplay. Bummer. And I lose Roon playlists, making QoBuz useless as hi-res.
Tidal Hi-Res works great but not such a great selection of titles.
I have no clue if I can resolve this and if I threw away $100+ on QoBuz.
My impression is it supports TIDAL and Spotify and their radio (kinda cool) but no clue how to get other Hi Rez sources.
If DMS is ROON COMPLIANT (built into) the DMS-500, go for it.
The unit itself is dead quiet, highly adjustable, great sound. Highly recommend. Remote replies slowly and not very logical. Need sep amp for 2nd channel. Ed