Cast Roon video to TV via iOS or MAC OS

just trying to see if I can cast the Roon app from iPad to my TV
Or from Browser on Macbook to TV
My samsung TV just allows both of those devices to connect directly.

I believe Roon allows for casting using only Chromecast devices, iOS and MacOS devices cannot cast Roon to a TV using AirPlay.


You can via screen mirroring. Works with my Macbook and Samsung TV just fine.


Good point. AirPlay allows for screen mirroring, but I don’t believe that is the same as native Roon casting to the TV. AirPlay should resample all music to 48 kHz I believe on the TV, while Chromecast should cast up to 192 kHz depending on the file.

I think Bob is only after mirroring Roon on to the big screen TV and not audio.

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RBO. You nailed it. Not trying to push the Audio that way but if playing through a Roon Ready device, I just want to cast the video up from my IPad to the TV. Sounds like that will work! really appreciate all the feedback!!


You’re welcome.

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