Casting to Google Nest Hubs


Excuse me if this has been asked before. I am casting music from Roon to Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub displays and all I get is a black screen that says ‘Playing Roon’. However, if I cast to my Chromecast with Google TV stick on the TV I can get artist pictures and lyrics etc. Is there any way to get Nest Displays to show even the song title/artist? I know I saw a thread about Nest Hubs working as displays but I can’t seem to do anything? Also, and this is probably a stupid question, can something be a display and play audio at the same time? I am in the UK btw in case that means there’s different Nest software creating any delay or issues.

That was a work around that another user figured out. It was not an officially supported setup. Here is a link to the thread you were asking about. Google Nest Hub as a Roon Display Working - #30 by Simon_Burns

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