Cat audio and kernal streaming for windows

Please can ROON support Kernel Streaming for Windows Operating Systems. We can see no reason why not. It would mean I could use ROON on my CAT (COMPUTER AUDIO TECHNOLOGY). Any others banging this particular drum?

Never heard that particular drum…anyway it says on their website:

CAD is a ROON Partner and the CAT is ready to run ROON if you wish.

So what are you asking for exactly?

Scott Berry the designer of CAT says that indeed ROON can partner with CAT but the sound is not as good. I have had many conversations with him and my request is part of that. Many thanks.

WASAPI Exclusive in Win10 is supported by Roon (and offers equal quality to KS, hence why KS support is disappearing).

I was hesitant to respond, since this is a feature request. But you’re literally asking for other people’s experiences, I hope this isn’t too harmful… :

Well, just to name a few : wdm/ks is ancient technology from 20 years ago. It never was an officially supported technology, and by now, it’s even deprecated by their designer. I would not support such a solution, if I were a Room team member.

Wasabi exclusive mode offers you exactly the same : an untouched, bitperfect bitstream, without passing through any mixer stage. With latencies as low, as is reasonably possible (*). But this time with much simpler code, providing much more reliable and stable results.

(*)= Which is the only reason I can think of, to use kernel streaming. One audiophile prefers low-latency, and the other detests the elevated CPU usage that comes with that. Hard to please everyone, especially with such unsubstantiated and opposing opinions.

Times really do change. Technologies come, technologies go. At least in this example, it hasn’t been replaced by something inferior :wink: .

So, could you ask Mr Berry if he considers WASAPI Exclusive mode to sound ‘as good’ on his CAT, and if not why not? I trust he will be able to provide the measurements to demonstrate the problem with his server and the difference it makes (and why)?


So how to enable wasapi exclusive in Roon?

Turn it on in the device settings for that zone.