Catalina/ MBP Touch Bar

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.3
Roon 1.7 (Build 528)

Description Of Issue

Very minor observation - when using Roon on my MBP w/ Touch Bar, Roon comes up on the Touch Bar with basic playback controls and the track progress bar. When the track is skipped, the progress bar doesn’t reset, and stops when it reaches the end, seemingly based on the end of the previous track (i.e. if track 1 is 2 minutes long and I skip at 1:00, the progress bar will still continue for another minute and stop, without resetting). Audio plays back perfectly fine.

A bit more usage and playing around - seems to be intermittent, but interestingly I cannot replicate when I have the queue up (but with Roon minimised).

Also for clarification, this happens when the track is skipped by using the track skip function on the Touch Bar.

Hello @Ben_Hagens,

Thanks for reaching out! I will discuss with the QA team to see if we have a MBP w/ Touch Bar in-house to attempt to reproduce this behavior. One other thing which would help here is your Roon logs.

Can I please request that you reproduce this issue and note the exact local time + date + track it occurs on? Once I have this information I can enable diagnostics mode for your Mac Core and submit the report along with logs to QA.


Hi Noris,


Local time is 13:02 (HKT). Tracks are:

QOTSA: My God is the Sun
Nine Inch Nails: Play the Goddamned Part
Faith No More: Falling To Pieces
Jane’s Addiction: Stop!

So a mix of Tidal and HDD based tracks. The track progress bar does reset and correspond correctly when I maximise Roon.

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Hi @Ben_Hagens,

Thanks for letting me know the timestamp and reproducing, I have activated diagnostics mode and what this action does is automatically upload a log set to our servers. I can confirm that the log report has been received and submitted to QA for further analysis. If we have any other questions, we will reach out once more, thanks!

Hi @Ben_Hagens,

I appreciate your patience until my report made it’s way through QA’s internal queue. We would like to kindly request two other pieces of info here so that we can compile a report for the devs:

  1. Could you please record a short video of this behavior that shows the Touch Bar when you skip the track in Roon? Ideally if you can use your phone to record the Roon screen and then shift over to the touchbar in the video to see the response that would be helpful. You can upload the video to Dropbox / Google Drive and post a link here.

  2. Can you confirm that this issue impacts multiple zones? If you try to start playback to System Output, are you able to reproduce the issue for that zone as well?

Thank you!

Hi Noris - I would, but unfortunately the Roon icon has oddly disappeared from my Touch Bar. This has been the case since before current Roon build, but can’t pinpoint when it actually happened.

Hi @Ben_Hagens,

Is the behavior the same if you reboot your Core? Did the Touch Bar controls usually appear once you started playback to any zone? What happens now when playback is started, there’s no activity on the Touch Bar at all?

Rebooted core, still nothing. The Roon logo used to come up on my Touch Bar, which I could then select, and the track progress bar and skip backwards/playpause/skip forwards functionality would come up. Now the Roon logo no longer appears. I can’t pinpoint when it started to not appear, as I recently started using an iPad via Sidecar to control Roon when working across my monitors.

Hi Noris,

The Roon button on the Touch Bar has reappeared, so managed to take this video.

No audio, but I can confirm that, when I skip forward, the track does change, but as can be seen, the progress bar doesn’t reset, until I bring Roon up again, where it resets to the beginning of the progress bar, and then snaps to the current song position.

Dropbox of the video:

I will also take this opportunity to say that I was not listening to Lulu for enjoyment, but as my yearly reminder as to what not to do as a musician :rofl:

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Hi @Ben_Hagens,

Thank you for sharing the short video, it is much appreciated! I have forwarded the video to QA for further review. Can you please also confirm if this issue impacts multiple zones or just one in particular?

Hi Noris,

Can confirm this happens on System Output also, just tried.

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Hi @Ben_Hagens,

Thank you for confirming! I have submitted all of this info in your ticket and I have re-added the ticket to the review queue. Any further questions that come up, I’ll be sure to let you know, thanks again for the feedback here!

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I am using a recent MacBook Pro 16 with the latest Mac OS and Roon version.
My core is a Nucleus.
I was interested to see if I could reproduce this and found I can duplicate this problem on the TouchBar when Roon is minimised into the Dock.
With the Roon window fully visible the TouchBar controls work.


Hi @Julian_Kettle,

Thanks for the additional confirmation of this issue!

We have a ticket open regarding this behavior and QA is looking into it, if we have further questions, I’ll be sure to let you know as well.

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