Catalog number causing Roon to crash on Windows


Life member here. Roon works perfectly for me, except for one issue - on every occasion, no matter what the album, when I push the catalog number, Roon always crashes. I’ve reinstalled it various times, and it’s always the same. No such problems with any other links on Roon - all hyperlinks and internal works perfectly.

Any remedy?

Roon Remote 1.6 (401) crashes on both MacOS and IOS when clicking on Catalog link


Much obliged. Though, I should say this is occurring on Windoes 7 alongside the Mac/IOS reports.

Hello @Dylan_Trigg,

Thank you for the report here. As Blackjack has mentioned, we have an active ticket with the devs regarding this issue and they plan to address this issue in a future Roon release. We are aware that this issue is occurring on other platform as well and that is included in the bug report.


On this album: image

…clicking on the catalog number:


…causes Roon to crash.

Thought you’d want to know.

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