Catalog “Print” Function

Some library-based music players include a function that exports a list or table of all the music in your library, organized by metadata. Often, it’s a literal “Print” action or a metadata-supplemented directory print. This is usually used for reference on the fly, comparing with friends, or to make reviewing a collection from the top level much easier.

This type of feature would be particularly useful for Roon.

  1. Roon stacks different versions of the same album, a distinction most music management programs do not make.
  2. Roon catalogues more metadata than most programs or operating systems, allowing this type of export to be more useful.

Does this feature already exist? If not, could it be added?

To clarify, the filter tool is very powerful (and appears to be a target of ongoing development), but I’m looking for a way to catalog and distribute a list of my disparate local media sources.

Great—I’ll give this a try.