Catalog Sort Not Working

Picture says it all:

It seems to work with local content so I’d suspect it’s an issue with sorting remote stuff (q & t). @John_V maybe you could check it for local content and then for qobuz and TIDAL, so the issue could get narrowed down a little?

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Seems to be pervasive. Here’s Qobuz:

…and here’s my library:

Good thought though.

I assumed it’s the remote stuff because for Liszt I’ve checked with my local library and the S. numbers sorted fine.

Why oh why would your Roon sort differently than my Roon? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you scolded it lately?

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Not without cause…

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It’s funny how often it’s just you… just saying… karma?

…but I have PROOF! Photos don’t lie! Do they?

Depends on if they are Deep Fakes. :wink:

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