Categorization--is this really "religious"?

Please take a look at the attached image. Is this really what you’d call “Religious” music? In my “feed”, “Religious” doesn’t need to be there at all. But if you’re going to include it, it shouldn’t look like this.

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Hey @Jim_Austin – thanks for the feedback here. I don’t know all the artists listed, but I see a couple of major gospel artists in there that I might describe as religious – big fan of early Sam Cooke myself :smile:

Moreover, we don’t actually come up with any of the classifications you see in Roon’s genres. All the metadata you see in Roon is licensed from our metadata providers, and a couple quick searches of AllMusic for the names I wasn’t familiar with shows me that these artists do indeed appear to be classified as Religious (at least by some people).

Genres in Roon are completely editable, so feel free to remove the classification from any, or all, of these artists.

You can also turn off Roon’s genres completely on the General tab of Settings – I don’t always love AllMusic’s categorizations either, so I generally use them as a starting point, and edit my collection as I see fit.

Hope that helps!