Categorizing Classical music

Looking for some advice. I am in the process of digitizing all my classical albums for use in Roon. I have a lot of them, from symphonies to chamber music to opera.

My question: how do I tag the music? By composer? By artist or orchestra? By Music company? How much detail to show? Some of the names are very long. What’s the best way to tie together multiple segments of the same piece (most compositions have multiple movements)?

My challenge: Virtually every record seems to have a complexity. More than one composer, compilations with multiple artists and composers, names too long, etc…

Was wondering if anyone had advice on an overarching scheme I can use for handling the tagging details. I have something like 800-900 albums to be cataloged.


As starting point which should give you some ideas:

Have a browse around the Metadata and roon feature suggestions you will see this is a doozy of a topic.

Thanks! This was very helpful. One of my under-challenges is that I have been maintaining essentially two copies of the total music database: Apple iTunes and Roon. This is so I can take music on my phone. iTunes is not as flexible as Roon appears to be for Classical, so I was trying to compress as much as possible into the iTunes tags. I think I will abandon this effort for Classical and use Roon exclusively. Spotify can deliver most of the classical for phone anyway. G

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