CBC Music and Radio 1 URL is Incorrect

The information in the summary and thumbnail is correct, but the stream for CBC Music (Toronto 94.1), also sometimes referred to as Radio 2, is a feed for CBC Radio 1 when launched in Roon.

The current URL listed for CBC Radio 1 (Toronto 99.1) is broken.

I was trying to find the appropriate URL for CBC Music and stumbled upon this on Reddit

CBC Audience Services (CBC) August 20, 2019

Thanks for reaching out to CBC.

CBC is no longer offering direct URLs for streaming as of late. Sorry to disappoint.

Moving forward CBC Streaming URLs (http://www.cbc.ca/radio/includes/stream.html) will only be provided by a third party like Google Home, Grace, Sirius or TuneIn. If you are using these third party devices, know that we have had issues with the stream over the last week and are currently working on repairing them with the aforementioned providers.

In the meantime, you can listen live to CBC Radio One and CBC Music on our web based streaming here: cbc.ca/listen or on the LISTEN Beta Testing App.

All the best,

CBC Audience Relations

I found the stream for CBC Toronto. It’s online now : )

I will try to find the URL for CBC Music and get back to you.

Thanks eh! :wink:

CBC Music (radio 2) is online : )


Awesome. One last issue just to tidy up the library. The Website URL on the listing for Radio 2/CBC Music is still pointing at Radio 1.

The URL is correct. You have CBC Radio One and CBC Radio 2 on the same Web page.

Yes. Seeing that now. Cheers. Thanks so much for the quick fix.

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