CBC Music for all time zones

One station for CBC Music for each time zone would be great. Toronto and Halifax are already available, if it’s useful here are the others (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg are missing):


All done, please check

One more Canadian time zone to go - CBC Music St. John’s 106.9 FM

It’s already there as CBC Music Halifax.

I notice that CBC refers to these now as
Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific. Is that a better naming for the stations?

Actually CBC Music St. John’s is not the same as CBC Music Halifax, but as it turns out the schedule is exactly the same. It is a half hour later in Newfoundland time, but in UTC time it is the same. And yes, the regional names are better as there are CBC music stations in many cities but the programming is the same in all cities in one time zone - except that the Newfoundland and Atlantic time zones get programs simultaneously (so that you might call the Halifax service Atlantic/Newfoundland). That is not the case for CBC Radio One (the news service) where major cities have different programs in the morning and afternoon and at noon.

Ok, simpler all round I think if I change the names.

…which I have done.

Hi Brian: I just checked and it appears there is still one time zone missing - that is CBC Music (Mountain). There are two stations - one in Calgary and one in Edmonton. They are the same so either will do.



OOOPS. My bad. I just found CBC Mountain. Thanks.

CBC Music Mountain is there. Are you saying the stream is wrong? As far as I can see, it’s the Edmonton stream.

No problem. Enjoy.

All good now.

Actually I decided I don’t like CBC Music Mountain, I’m going to change it to CBC Music (Mountain) etc.

Give me 5 minutes.

Edit. All in your format now.

4 because Yellowknife and Whitehorse also have CBC music stations and are in the Mountain time zone (at least I think that is what Whitehorse is now on).

I defer to the people who are there and listening, but from my viewpoint the CBC website only has the 5 options…

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