CCA volume control vs Bluesound Node volume

I use Roon on both a Chromecast Audio and a Bluesound Node 2i. Why does adjusting volume for the CCA lower the signal path (“volume attenuating”) and the Node 2i does not alter the signal path at any volume… it remains lossless.

How does Bluesound do this?

BluOS is RoonReady which means that BluOS implemented Roon Advanced Audio Transport (RAAT).
CCA not.

ok, so how does it attenuate volume while keeping the digital signal lossless? I thought altering the volume digitally changes the bits?


Check out the Roon knowledge Base:

Thanks for the info, but it doesn’t quite answer what I’m looking for. I guess I’m more curious how RAAT attenuates the volume digitally without altering the bits?

Roon is generally transparent with its Signal Path display. For example, when doing DSP EQ it shows that it converts to 64-bit, does the EQ, converts back, etc.

But with volume it doesn’t say anything at all.


I would imagine the handshake has told the bluesound it will be sending volume signals and so the bluesound does the shifting internally the stream isn’t touched.
My naim tells roon to show the volume changing on screen when I use the remote control.and vice versa.