Cd artwork display too large, need to see more at a time

On my 14" monitor I can only see 8 cds at a time. It takes forever to scan through all my cds or artists. I am use to jriver where I could whip through them very quickly. Is there a way to reduce the size of the images on the screen? Also, is there a slider to move through all of them quickly? I did not notice one. Without getting to an artist or album at the end of the alphabet is really slow and annoying

  1. Under settings try choosing Allow More Covers and see if that helps.
  2. If you know the artist when in album view, click the filter icon and type the artist

In addition to what Daniel has suggested - what are you using to control Roon? Is it a mouse? If the mouse has a mouse wheel, then the wheel allows fast scrolling through your library. And you can jump to points in your collection by typing the first letters on your keyboard…