CD box with more than 100 discs

You could try correcting your metadata, I see a couple of issues in that highlighted track in the Artist and Composer fields…

If the CD100 folder is recognized by roon separately, there is no problem. After much trial and error, I found that as soon as roon recognizes the CD100 folder as the same set as the other folders (CD1-CD99 and CD101-CD117), the numerous 1-1s and 1-2s problems occur. Oddly, this is a phenomenon unique to the CD100 folder and does not occur with the CD101 or CD102, or the other folders.The presence of the CD100 folder makes everything messed up. Just to be sure, I tried after the modification of CD100 tag information as Geoff suggested.

Bit late here but …

Remove the set to an “unwatched folder”

Clear the Roon settings>library maintenance >clean up library. This will force a clean import

Make sure tags are set correctly externally

Create the sub folders CD1 … CD107 etc
Set Disc No tag to correct CD no
Album name - Same for all CDs
Drop the disc no from the track names so Track No - Track Name only

Drop into watched folder

There is no limit that i know of i had Mozart 225 as one set at one stage .Depending on your processor >50 can start to get sluggish on Focus and Filter

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Dear Mike, this worked! Among your suggestions, dropping disc no. from filename was the only one I haven’t tried so far. So, I did it today, and it worked. Personally, I tend to prefer to have disc no. in the filenames, but now I realize that it isn’t compatible with roon. Thank you so much!

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