CD Identified But Review Is For Another Release

Just ripped this CD into Roon and it identified it straight away, however it was clear that the attached review referred to another compilation, not this one. Can’t upload images at the moment so this dropbox link will have to do for now: Best Of Black Sabbath, 2 CD compilation RAWDD 145

I get this sort of thing a fair bit.

For example I purchaesed the Carole King Original Album Classics 5 CD set.

The album Wrap Around Joy is reviewed as being part of the 2002 Sony Wrap Around Joy / Thoroughbred release with the two albums on one CD. It’s not.

It is a mystery as to what album the review actually refers to, because how can any early 90s Sabbath output get anything higher than 1 star?:grinning: Four and a half stars would be right for this compilation though, it’s a cracker!