CD Jacquets and information in Roon

How come Roon cannot find CD jacquets, while they are listed in Discogs? I’m entering, in Roon, Discogs exact indications on artist and album title. Would help if Roon used CDs label and code.

Hi @Francois_Beland,

Roon has a variety of metadata sources, but discogs is not a metadata source for Roon. The best places to check are MusicBrainz and AllMusic. If you believe that Roon should have data for an album, share some screenshots and we can take a look.



Why is it that although musicbrainz has cover art for individual discs in some classical box sets, you can’t see this individual cover art in Roon. See for example, “The Originals: Legendary Recordings](” and “The Orchestral Edition”(


Hi @steveoat87,

At this time we do not support cover art for individual discs of multi-disc sets.

Wow: its been 5 years. Will this ever happen?

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