CD number in multi-disc sets

It just occurred to me that from the Queue you can’t see what CD of a multi-disc set you are on. Or at least I can’t right now with this album. The attached screen shot shows the queue as I play CD5 of an (unidentified) big box set.

Would be good to be able to see it (and click through). I don’t actively recall ever being able to do this.

(Aside to classical piano collectors: yes it was worth it :wink: )

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This is arguably a bug. So here’s a mention for @brian in case he missed it.

Roon deliberately de-emphasizes disc/track numbers as a way to describe content everywhere other than on the album details screen.

We treat disc numbering as a technical detail of how many bits fit on a media format designed 35 years ago based on technical constraints at the time, and give it approximately that level of importance in the UI. In this worldview, it’s an implementation detail of the publishing industry, not something fundamental to the art being made. It seems unlikely to me that Richter considered the disc layout of this collection when these recordings were being made…

Real estate on this screen is horribly precious. At the smallest supported screen with a fully populated set of data, it’s already bordering on cluttered. We don’t add more data in situations like this without compelling reasons and a lot of thought. That’s not a “no”, it just means that we need to be convinced of the importance.

“On earth”, this disc set has real track titles that aren’t just “Track 1” (as far as I can tell). If things were working better in that area, we’d be showing you something ranging from the real track titles and the real work/part information.

Assuming that were happening, what–exactly–does disc# information do for you? What’s the use case/importance?

Thanks for this @brian. My use case is that in this particular example I had no way of finding where I was. For some reason (which I could not reproduce on any other album) the link from queue to album was NOT getting me to the track being played, and of course the album is unidentified and so quite difficult to navigate, so I was lost.

However, I fully accept your logic that with identified or manually groomed albums, where the Queue to Album link works (which it always does except for this album) having a link to CD2 etc is not necessary.

So I’m withdrawing the request.