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Hello, I am testing currently roon. Today i ripped three Cd´s of Ernesto Cortazar (db poweramp)

The first two were ok (Title, Masterpieces and Timelesst). As a third i wanted to add the CD Dancing on the the Clouds. The CD was recognized but if if search fort the artist the Ripped CD “Dancing on the Clouds” will not be shown. I tried several things but it is from my point not possible to get this Album to the collection “Ernesto Cortazar” Pls have a look on the screenshots. May be the issue is the name

Please see the difference betweeen the Artist title

The Album is not in the collection of the Artist

Unfortunately everything has to be tagged manually but i did no difference Tagging between the three Albums. How can i change the incorrect Data. I want to find all album at on artist. Otherwise this does not make sense for me. Thank you.

@ Support: I honestly do not know what roon does in this case. Roon gives by itself obviously wrong metadata pls. see album Dancing on the clouds (same Artist)

Please check the data with the album “Masterpieces”

For me it would be important to rely what roon is doing. If i have to check everything manually i think it does not make sense (this takes Hours)

I think you’ll find that Roon has identified Dancing on the Clouds and Ernesto Cortázar because they have the metadata and it matched what DBPowerAmp provided (see

The other two albums use metadata from other sources, so I suspect Roon couldn’t find a match and has taken the information from the files (note the artist name is different: see

However, you can manually correct this by editing the album. Select the an album, e.g. Timeless, and press the vertical ellipsis “⋮” and press Edit > Edit Album. Take a look at the Primary Artists Links and Album Artist sections and post some screenshots.

I wrote the information of all Discs manually in dbpower amp. dbpoweramp gave me no possibility (discogs, Musikbrainz etc. because it is grey in the selection menu)
I send a screenshot from timeless

and now from dancing on the clouds

I tried to change the Album Artist Manually “Ernesto M.Cortazar”

Unfortunately it did not work.

I saw that roon gives to the album dancing on the clouds different Birth and death date of the artist. I don´t know how to correct this…

Is this the composer (1897-1953) or pianist/ composer (1940-2004)? I note that MusicBrainz attributes Dancing… to the later, so this may be a metadata issue.

Hi Martin,
It is the pianist from 1940- 2004. I don´t know why roon always puts (1897-1953) of all other albums (Timless etc.) Actually i tried now an additional album “Forever you and i” Roon put also (1897-1953). I also had to put it manually in dp poweramp because an automated tagging (Musicbrainz etc. ) was not possible. Maybe this is not possible because i have a test version of dbpower amp. I think a manual correction is not possible (but i am not a power user:))

Okay, so you want the other albums to share the same artist as Dancing on the Clouds?

If so, select the albums and Edit as described earlier. You’ll need to change Hauptinterpreten Links and Album-Interpret to reflect the correct artist. To do this, click on the artist name on a blue background to remove the check mark. Then add the correct artist:

Finally update the album artist text.

Hi Martin,
Thank you for your help in the process. First i wanted to give up :rofl: Now it is working. The point is that there are obviously two Artists with the same name in the roon Database.

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