CD rip labelled in Roon as source: flac 44.1, 16 bit; MQA 24/176

Why would this happen? It’s just a standard CD rip-not even new. I checked a few other CD rips, they are labelled correctly.

What version are you running as your Roon Core?

Version 1,4 300

HI, @, could you please send this media to us? I will contact you via PM with more details.



Sent. Just in case anyone else is interested in the topic I include the screen shot of the source path:

It’s a rip I made in 2012 with dbpoweramp, so it isn’t MQA

Thanks, @danny2, confirming, that your media was received!


Any update on this, it’s been two weeks?

Any update?

It’s been about 7 weeks and still haven’t heard anything one, or even if it is being looked at.

There’s a thread on here querying HQP customer service where Roon customer service is held up as exemplary.

For me good customer service would have replied to one of the OP requests for follow up.

Threads like this cause me dismay.



We missed this one @danny2, sorry about that.

We have the media you sent and our QA team was able to reproduce this today, so that’s good news.

There have been some changes in our MQA detection over the last few months, so assuming this is a bug, I’d guess that it’s going to be pretty straightforward. We’ll know more once the report is passed over to our developers, and that’s in progress now.


problem solved in new 1.5 version of Roon

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