CD ripping feature in Roon

Why? Why not separate things? I wouldn’t like Roon to become all things in one (a “Swiss army knife”), it would clutter the software IMO.


Roon is missing a lot a valuable features…Ripping CD is one of them, considering the price asked.
Why not including DBPoweramp as a plugin ?

It’s the Roon UI that contain too many useless features and lack stability…

The price is what it is, if you don’t see value it’s not for you.

Examples please:

  1. useless features
  2. instability

I notice the link in your bio. Are you a consumer of Roon or a competitor? Rip and play is not Roon’s USP.

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After my initial frustration I’ve really started to enjoy all these feature threads that want Roon to be something that it’s not intended to be. Whether it is folder based browsing, cd ripper or whatever. It’s always the same :slight_smile:


CeolBOX seems to be a French ripper, streamer, and NAS.

I think Michel Forbes is the designer of CeolBOX … a French Canadian business. See

iTunes as a ripper. Although Roon will not recommend it :wink:

Yes, that’s true, but this misses the point. Roon has probably the best database out there. It is a pain to have one’s metadata not be identical to what is in Roon if you want to use those files outside of Roon. Also, although somewhat flexible, Roon can be picky as to the file naming and directory conventions used with certain albums. It would be awesome if one could integrate Roon’s superior info directly into the ripped files metadata as well as having files ripped Roon-friendly filenames and directories. It isn’t necessary to integrate a file ripper into Roon but one would for them to talk to each other somehow. I’d completely happy to continue to use dBPoweramp if it had this feature.

Martin, I’m not a competitor…I bought two license of Roon…btw it will be nice to have a rebate eventually…
I just want a better product, that’s all…

You’ve yet to put some meat on the bones of your accusations.

A CD Ripping feature doesnt make a better product.
Look at JRiver. Thats a mess. I think nobody wants that here.


bought my second license as a special offer. 2016. (?)

Couldn’t agree more about JRiver

Buy a ripper, streamer server such as an Innuos. It has Roon core built in.

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What accusations ?

I’m talking about adding a feature…is Roon a religion or a product ?

Anyway, why not including a link or even better bundle the license for dBpoweramp in Roon ?

I do not want Roon to rip my cds please…

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At this point I expect that most Roon users (such as myself) own dbPoweramp or other CD ripping software. I just don’t see much value in the Roon team reinventing the CD ripping wheel. The machine running my Roon core doesn’t have a CD-ROM drive anyway.


Still waiting…