CD Ripping not working

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
ROCK on NUC with innards like described in your Roon Labs hardware setup advisory.

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Description Of Issue
I have been able to rip 4 CDs, after many trials, changing the cable of the CD player from front to back on NUC and back again… no avail … the CD Player starts up and then slows down and halts.

If a CD is damaged ripping will stop. I’ve had them sit for hours. If I then rip it on my laptop with really loose settings it works. Is that the problem?

It could also be this issue…

Hi @Jean_Peirs,

Welcome to the forum! Can you please try to perform a full reboot of your ROCK (power off, unplug power, wait 30 sec, power back on)? Let us know if that helps!

Hi Noris,
Thank you, that happens to be exactly what I have done a couple of times the last days… it works, the CD player “accelerates” and ripping is prformed well. The next morning I start again, and it does not work once more. So I reboot and unplug etc… and it works again… it is working as we “speak”. I am ripping my CD collection during the holiday season, must have done approx 150 of 450 right now. I’ll get there, but it is surprising nonetheless that I have to restart every day.

Hi @Jean_Peirs,

If you have 450 CDs to RIP, it may be more efficient to rip the CDs on a PC using ripping software and transfer over the ripped files afterwards to your ROCK.

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I have the same problem with my Nuclues Plus with 4tb ss drive… I can rip on one day and the next day I can not. Unplug USB cd drive and reconnect, sometimes in will start working but mostly not. I have tried rebooting, power off, reloading software, but same problems. On web admin. page, it shows cd ripper and that Roon software in running and stable. This is a lot of trouble to go too, for something that started working so well, and now just a pain.

Hi Michael
during the holiday season, I just unplugged everything every morning, including the ethernet cables, and thus rebooted the NUC on which I run Roon Core, the CD player, the external storage etc… after that I was able to start ripping once more, and filled entire days doing that, so now I have ripped approx 250 CDs this way.
Roon labs suggested I rip on PC and then transfer files, but the Roon ripping capabilities are better than PC app for ripping, and has “paranoia” capabilities, which enhance possible damaged portions of cds, so I stick to ripping like this because of better audio result.

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