CD Ripping to Nucleus - double albums and special editions

Hi, I am ripping CDs directly to my Nucleus, which works perfectly fine. However, when I am ripping double CDs or special editions, the metadata for the first CD is perfectly identified. But the second CD ist not identified and has has to be manually found. Once the right metadate is found, there is window in which the tracks have to be aliged to the metadata manually with up and down buttons. Typically a whole block of tracks needs to be moved, doing this with up and down Buttons is really painful. Is there any trick for a better way of aligning the track to the metadata?

I have the same issue when ripping to my NUC/Rock. You can select both albums and merge them. That should do it. But there should be a fix to have this done automatically by Roon. 100% agreed.
Edit: try merging the two disc. Then you should not have issues with using the fiddely track blocks around.

Great - Thanks! Will definetely give it a try!

Thanks again for the hint. Just did a test and it worked excellent. You saved my arm from tendonitis…!!

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