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Good morning and thank you in advance for reading this post and responding to my query. I have a Roon Nucleus + Rev. B with an internal Samsung 2 TB SSD installed. Today I hooked up my Apple super drive do one of the USB ports at the back of the Nucleus + to rip some CDs on its internal SSD. Normally, the process is very smooth and seamless when it comes to ripping a single CD. The challenge comes in when you were ripping a double album or a box set.

Firstly, I ripped a double album of Joan Jett’s greatest hits to the internal SSD. For some reason, at least inexplicable to me, it only picked up on disc 1 in the Roon’s application/database on my Mac mini. I could not find the second disc of the album. Then I went to the ‘CD Rips’ folder and deleted both disc, which I was able to find it and isolate, so that I could do it all over again. On my second attempt at ripping this double album, I got this warning sig ‘this disc has already been ripped’ or something to that effect. I tried several methods to make this work, including rebooting the nucleus plus and clearing out the cache from the roon application settings, but it didn’t work. Is there a way you can help or suggest some other way to do it?

Secondly, I ripped afford this box set of the police ‘message in a box’ which was a better experience. It only recognized the first disk but after navigating the roon application menu I was able to click on ‘Identif’ tab and it showed me the complete box set. I was able to select the correct disk with the corresponding songs in that particular disc which was thankfully and effort that worked.

Thirdly, I ripped the double CD album of Pink Floyd’s ‘the wall’. Again, it picked up only the first disc with it’s album art and songs and not the second one. Again, I use the identification tab feature and was able to identify the discs but unfortunately both discs 1 and 2 show the same songs even though I know the song menu on the two discs are different.

I know this is a lot to ask but since I have to rip a lot of CDs, a lot of them being double albums or box sets, what should I do moving forward to prevent running into this problem again and fix the problem that I mentioned above?

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Since I did not get any response, for the benefit of everyone the best way to rip your CDs is to find a good quality CD ripper. I used XLD for Mac and the results are hugely better than ripping it directly from roon to its internal hard drive

I do not rip using Roon as I would then need to export it for the Tags to become embedded in the actual files, and have the album and track titles understandable. I use dbPoweramp for all my ripping needs. I rip to a computer, when I am sure I have the metadata right, which is usually just giving it a once over reading, I then copy the file to Roon’s Watched Storage. After that, I archive it to glacial storage, either local or online.

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I do the same, use dbpoweramp, check metadata, transfer to my NUC SSD, back up to a NAS.

Absolutely. Same here. I rip using XLD (on Mac) or Exact Audio Copy (on Windows) and then, after checking that all metadata is to my liking, I move it to Roon’s watched storage.
Roon then identifies it properly and downloads all the extra info into the DB.