CD/SACD player from McIntosh

We have all bought tech based upon its current appeal. I remember when the appeal of a spartan Audio Research SP3 became a must have. Some companies find a design (eg. Mustang) that sells for generations. There is a company that modifies open reel tape decks to cosmetically go with McIntosh electronics.

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For those who love irrelevant and, in this case, dangerously distracting meters, here’s some for your Jeep -

Hm, I wonder how well those handle vibrations and G forces.

Just when I thought there could be nothing dumber than a rack full of McIntosh, with each device has two gigantic blue meters, the new Jeep Wagoneer proved me wrong.

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If spouse hates music, you’ll always have your car.

But it might look cool in my system…


Great system. Are those Magnepans and are those subs bordering them? What cartridge are you using with the Mc turntable?

I have magnepans myself and I’m sure they sound terrible on a measuring tape, but, I love them.

Thank you. Those are PBN Montana EPS speakers used with the monoblocked MC275s (180wpc). The MC452 is driving the Maggie 3.6/r speakers.

I’m using a Dynavector DV-20X2L moving coil cartridge.

The room is 14,400 cubic feet; 40x20x18.

The 55" tv is only for REW analysis and as a Roon Monitor.



I’ve run REW on these and the in-room response is right on my target curve…


I sit 6 feet from mine, toed right at me, I’m good.


Are you using the Mc phono preamp or do you have an outboard unit?

The Mc2600 all tube preamp has a built-in DSD capable dac and separate tubed MM and MC inputs. Sounds magnificent!

The DAC board may be the DA-1 or DA-2; our McIntosh did.

I did not do the upgrade to the DA-2 and elected to use an external DAC.

I deferred once again on buying a turntable despite owning 60s and 70s vinyl. I tend to listen to SACD on the McIntosh MCT-500 transport.

My wife loves your system and pointed out that we use the same wooden container for our remotes.

From Bangkok:


The meters in the Jeep are virtual. Just a display option on the infotainment screen, not real meters. McIntosh puts them everywhere they can, which is also why they put them on a DAC/CD player.


Physical media? How quaint.