CD/SACD Player/Transport with PC connectivity

Hey roon community,
I am currently searching for a CD/SACD Player (Transport would be best) which I can use both as a standalone Player (digital out is preferred to connect to my ADI RME2 DAC) as well as connect to my roon server via USB.

My idea is, that I would like to be able to play CDs (SACD a Bonus) through my DAC self-sufficiently. Additionally, the CD player should be connectible to a PC and function as a normal CD drive, in case I want to rip a CD.

A perfect solution would have a small 1HE Rack formfactor.

I found e.g. Tascam BD-MP4K | Professional 4K/UHD Blu-Ray/Multimedia Player for Touring and Installation but it does not offer PC connectivity.
Also, I thought about a DJ CD drive, but they also seem to be pretty “dumb”.

Does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this or even have a concrete product?

For ripping CDs, you can just get an external USB CD drive; they are quite cheap today.

I have one but I want an all in one solution

I think you are seeking a unicorn. There are many options that have a USB input, so you can use the DAC of the player to send music from a PC via USB, but I don’t know of any that provide a PC USB interface that will support using the drive as a CD drive for the PC. The second issue is that Sony owns the SACD spec, and they don’t allow bit perfect digital out from a transport to any DAC unless it follows the appropriate DRM protocol. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to find an SACD transport that will work with any DAC not from the same manufacturer.

Hi ksalno,
this is very interesting. I did not know, that bit about SACD + external DACs.
I was afraid what I’m searching for does not exist.