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Hi, i am a newbee in roon.

I would like to show the artists from a “ various artists cd” in artists.
For now i only see the artists if i open the album, but if i search by artists they don’t show up.

What do i do wrong? I am trying for days now, but i stil don’t get it to work.

As you see my english is not so good. Sorry for that…


You can find it here:

or make it by your self:

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I take it you want the artist for a particular track to be identified with that track. Here’s how I do it; it takes some time but gets the job done. For album edit, the Album Artist and Primary Artist should be Various Artists. Then edit each track (the three dot menu next to the track- Edit - Edit Track) and at Add Credits enter the name of the artist(s) for that track - that name might have to be created - and assign the role Primary Artist. This will then show up as Performed By in the track list for that album

and as the artist(s) with the track title (lower left corner of the screen) when a track is playing.

It will also show up if you search for that artist and then click on a particular album; only the track(s) on which that artists is the Primary Artist will be listed (as is the case here with a search for a search for Craig Handy:

Thanks. This is what i was looking for.

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