CDs out on the floor - heavy rotation

Remember when you used to listen to music on CDs, and there would always be a collection that were in current rotation just kind of lying about on the floor in front of, on top of, generally around your HiFi? Well that used to be my system for keeping what I was currently listening to out in the open and within easy reach.
Do you think there’s any solution for recreating that experience that could be baked into Roon? I know you could use playlists, but is there a more organic solution that somehow maintains itself? No idea how it would work!


Just bookmark them and move em in and out as you please.

I’ve never really understood how bookmarks work… I’ll have a read and see whether that would work

Easy I have all the bootleg music we record at our venue available on one Bookmark. One click and that’s all I see. I just add as I go on.
All my MQA stuff also has a bookmark, as do Vinyl rips and audio books.
My Chris Res Blue guitar box set is bookmarked.

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Vinyl scattered about :slight_smile:

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I have a ‘Current Favourites’ that effectively does this, without the lounge floor clutter (I had a CD player in recently, sounded wonderful but I’d forgotten how quickly the CDs multiply on your floor)

I use bookmarks for heavy rotation albums and artists quickest way.

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was gonna say Tags but bookmarks are probably fewer clicks and less maintenance

i use a “CD RIP” tag for anything i’ve imported/ripped, to be able to differentiate my physical library vs streaming library.

One of the best features of bookmarks is that they are dynamic. For example, here we can go to Album View, select Focus, then select Played in the Last week, and then Sort by Most Played. Then Bookmark it as Latest/Greatest.
A year from now this will be relevant for your recent binges.
With Tags, you mostly need to groom them for time relevance.


What is this? I don’t see options for bookmarks.

Bookmarks are good for this albeit maybe not as good of eye candy as covers strewn about the floor.

Main issue with bookmarks is that when you have a lot of them they don’t really organize super well…it is just a list.

Sorry, not only am I old, I’m getting more confused. I had been bookmarking in the community and was still in “don’t like the new community bookmark mode” & commented on the wrong topic…WHOOPS! How embarrassing :crazy_face:

Wow I never realised this! That just might be perfect - thanks so much :smiley:

I think I’m being stupid - how do you move albums in and out of a set of bookmarks? When I click the bookmark icon all I can do is add a new bookmark or manage existing bookmarks

The answer is here…

Click the add button, then remove tick from list

ooOOOoooh - I get it, you’re talking about Tags! That makes sense now. I was thinking Bookmarks, in the top right of the interface

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Confuses me too, you add tags to a bookmark

A different way of answering your question is that depending on the Bookmark, the albums automatically move themselves in and out of the selection. That’s the dynamic aspect of the.
For the Bookmark I described above, once it is set, whenever you invoke it the albums that meet that set of conditions will be presented to you.
That Bookmark set a series of filters/sorting conditions which only show those albums that were played in the last week and sorts them by most played. Obviously, two weeks from now it will be a different set of albums. Once that Bookmark is set those filtering/sorting conditions are saved. Whenever you click that Bookmark it will enact those conditions and you’ll see the albums meeting those conditions.
Chris’s answer is also correct in the sense you can set a bookmark to pull up a set of Tags. Tags give you more control and are specific, but they aren’t usually dynamic.

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Yep - got it. I’ve used both! I have two dynamic bookmarks set up… one for the last week of played music, one for the last month. I’ve also set up a ‘CD Floor Pile’ tag which I can add and remove from myself. I reckon that’s me sorted now - cheers guys! :+1: :raised_hands:


Excellent. Happy listening!

Be very deliberate about how you name and manage tags and bookmarks. Right now they are more or less only an alphabetical list, and as you accrue them, they get a but unwieldy to manage at volume.

Has anyone actually looked at Stats page (Overview) and discovered how many tracks they have listened to since they started with Roon? I think it’s pretty cool as you might be surprised at the total.

Happy Mom’s day everyone!