CDs will not complement the collection

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Deze PC (64bit) Windows 10 Roon Version 1.7 (build 571) stable

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Zenith Roon Version 1.7 (build 571) stable

Description Of Issue
Over the past days 30 CDs complemented to my music library but not one CD is to be seen.

Settings==>Library==>Skipped Files ?

Are you meaning that albums from a streaming service (Tidal or Qobuz) are being mysteriously added to your library? If so - I advise you to change your password for the streaming service. Your account may have been hacked.

Hmm, tough to say exactly what’s meant here.

I took ‘complemented’ to mean ripped.


We await further clarity… :slightly_smiling_face:

Good day to you all,
Thank you very very for the quick response !
Slim_Fishguttz I checked you comment first : You are 100% right ! All files are skipped … the audio format stream is not supported …Roon is telling me
I cannot understand that remark, because for 14 months I ripped several thousand cds via de pc and everything was going just fine ! So why not on this occasion ? Geoff_Coupe: No, all the cds were ripped .Up to now I am dealing with ripped cds only . A while ago I fed a cd into the Innuos directly and that cd is now shown in Roon . Another
cd was blocked in Innuos I do not know why , I will test one cd (brand new) to be fed into the Innuos and if that does not work I am out op options . All cds were ripped into the (Fractal) pc and the thought was Roon will sort the files into the various directories in Windows 10 I told to do so . For this moment I am very puzzled and I wonder how to get out of the skipped files section ? Kind regards, Bert

No I do not have any activity with any streaming service (Tidal or Qobuz) . The only rip-activities I have done and I do is with physical cds , so no streaming service.

What are you using to rip your CDs and what is the file format that you are specifying for the rips?

Dear Slim_Fishguttz I use various equipment to rip my CDs but 1 year ago a high end pc was built for music purposes only , operating Windows 10 , 64 bit , 16GB ram , CD/DVD recorder Teac DVW28SSB .
Furthermore there is an Innuos Zenith mk2 in the living room , Tascam cdrw 900 and 901 recorders in the hobby room .
The format I specify for rips is from day 1 the same : WAVs , PCM , they do take a lot of space on hard drives but the result is impressive . Last but not least the musicserver Synology 8 x 4 TB drives in Raid 1 .
The collection contains of : 80 % classical music , mostly classical chamber music (harpsichord , piano ),
15 % pop music and 5 % world music .

Have you tried ripping one of these CDs to another format (e.g. FLAC) and see whether Roon will import the files correctly?

No I have not , but I did do another thing , ripped 12 cds into the Innuos mk2 recorder and up to now this will
work . The 12 cds are now visible in Roon.
What I donot understand is the Innuos and the Fractal pc do have the same Teac recorders . There is one big difference : The rips via de pc are going via the network to Synology and Innuos . The rips via the Innuos are going directly into the Innuos , but I can see the cds in Roon in my hobby room 10 metres away , so the network is used and does not give any trouble with respect to the Innuos … I still donot understand what is happening . The hard disk space of the Innuos is limited , I think 4 TB , the space of the Synology is 32 TB in Raid 1. If there were no new cds visible in Roon I would try files ripping with FLAC , but in this case everything is ripped right into the Innuos.

Are you saying then the rips done on the Innuos are the rips that show up in Settings==Library==>
Skipped Files?

What software are you using to do your rips on the PC. What does Innuos use?

Also, there is software that will check your ripped files to make sure they have been ripped correctly. Can’t think of its name, but someone else will.

Hello Rockhound, This evening I ripped 4 CD’s in the FLAC format (from the Fractal PC via Easy CD Creator , to Roon . I think it is too soon to say if the other format will work properly . I hope so very much !

Yes, the same files are shown up in the Library (Settings) , but there is a big difference the CDs are ripped in Innuos directly and in the other situation the CDs were ripped via the Fractal PC into Roon .I use various software , but most of the time EZ CD Audio Converter , furthermore Exact Audio Copy and dB poweramp.
Best results are achieved with EZ CD Audio Converter. I donot know what the software is in Innuos Zenith mk2 I assume Linux of somekind ? When the music files are not ripped correctly I , most of the time I can hear it by listening to the music . Destortion of the music will appear I assume.

Good day to you all: I checked the ripped CDs in format FLAC none is visuable in Roon . In overview 20 CDs were ripped successfully via Innuos Zenith mk2 into Roon ., so that is a good result . But I still cannot understand why CD’s in FLAC are not visuable in Roon. Enfin , to-morrow another day with new chances …
Thank you very much for all the input from every one !
Kind regards,

Hi @bert_brummel,

Can you send over one of the FLAC files that wasn’t importing into Roon? We can take a look and see if we can understand why they aren’t importing.

You can upload them here:

Just to confirm, are these files working okay in other apps?

Dear Dylan Thank you very much for the response ! Just a moment ago I uploaded the track God Bless The Women (Lucky Dube) in flac : Roon does not respond . Another cd (Thomas Speelt Het Zacht) also ripped in FLAC was viewed just fine in Roon with the exception of the artwork . The artwork did not show up in the first place , so that is not a big problem for me. Important are the music files . There was another matter that bugs me : The Innuos Zenith mk2 is the only drive positivily responds when i request for a re-scan of the specific drive , the other drives do not respond , and I do not know why . These files are working okay in Foobar and I assume in many other players as well. When I look into Roon Shuffle , Artists I see hundreds of pictures are blanks , in the past there were far more pictures . My activities in Roon were extremely limited over the past four months , so that is another phenomena I cannot understand . Maybe the program is corrupted ?

At this moment I was counting the number of pictures that are NOT displayed in the section various artists a tot z . Just in the letter A : I miss 100 pictures …(in this case Roon was sorting artists by name)
Roon tells there are 3473 artists in my collection …
Kind regards,

Good day to you all, After a lot of work , I ripped the mentioned CDs again and now in the format FLAC . Most of the CDs are now visuable in Roon and that was the intention , so I can listen tot the music files via Roon .To-day I took another 15 CDs in FLAC some of the CDs are visuable in Roon , I will give it a week to see if further progress can be made . At first is was just the Innuos Zenith mk2 that offers the possibility to have a re-scan , this evening even 50 % of the Synology server (8X4Tb = 32 Tb , Raid 1 offers the re-scan possibility as well , I am waiting for the other 50 % to get a re-scan ,fingers crossed . Last but not least I switched through the cds , artists ,alfabethically ordered and I found 90 cds that need to be edited with respect to the artwork . So I like to express my sincere thank you very much to all the developers of Roon for making this tremendous task possible ! Kind regards, Bert

Hello @bert_brummel, and thanks for the report! I’d like to get your files over to our QA team for a closer look. Could you please provide some details on your network setup? Thanks!