Celso Fonseca "Natural" (and question on fixing tracks order)

the album is “unidentified” by Roon because… there are two editions, in its database, both differing from the one I have :expressionless:
bought this CD in Brazil, the year after its original release, and ripped it myself so I’m sure to be right :stuck_out_tongue:

the two versions in Roon’s database differ from mine both because of tracks order and because of two bonus tracks mine has

if/when I fix tracks order… looks I can only do it by moving my tracks so they match Roon’s order
question: can it be done the other way around, please?

Don’t bother to fix the track order but just accept Roon’s suggestion.

Then hit the blue pencil, go to “metadata preference” and set the preference for the tracks of the album to be “Prefer file” for Title and Track number.


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thank you :slight_smile: