CentOS 8 - RoonServer keeps disconnecting and reconnecting with network reachability errors [Solved - IPv6 Issue]

Hi @Jimmy_Legrand ,

A Network Reachability change means that Roon believes that the amount of network interfaces it has access to has changed.

For example, this can happen when both Ethernet and WiFi are in use and the OS is switching between them.

Have you had a chance to investigate using a different operating system other than CentOS? Was there any change in behavior if so?

Thank you very much for this information.
I dug deeply in the network part and I found in debug mode some trace about a refresh related to IPv6.
The timestamp seemed to match with the Roon network reachability issues. So I decided to disable IPv6.

And so far it’s much better. I could use the application without a problem for 5 minutes in a row.
Thing I couldn’t do before.

So I will see, but I think I found the root cause.

The next step for me is to see if it was a normal IPv6 behavior which wasn’t handled correctly by Roon or this behavior is abnormal.

One last thing, may I suggest to change the Network reachability trace by something more relevant like network configuration changed.

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Hi @Jimmy_Legrand ,

Thanks for the update here, glad to hear that disabling IPv6 has helped with the issue! Please, do let us know if the system remains stable or if you run into any other issues.

I can confirm now it’s still stable. No issue at all.
I’m wondering if I should close this topic because I don’t know if it’s Roon Core issue or a router issue.
Note I have IPv6 enabled for a long time now and Roon is the only application impacted.

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Hi Jimmy,

I marked your earlier post as Solution. If you have a new issue, then, we can re-open this thread, or, start a new one.

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